Rolex 29mm Pearlmaster 18k Yellow Gold & Diamond Ladies Watch & Box K 80318 Replica At Lowest Price

Finding and organizing the proper colors and sizes of stones needs a huge amount of work. People today remember the “rainbow Daytona” with its vibrant bezel, but few understand that every rainbow-colored, precious-stone bezel requires about two weeks to produce.Each of these watches, save to the Rolex Datejust Pearlmaster 39 using the full pave dial, have bezels using 48 baguette cut sapphire stones of different colours. Each rock is, needless to say, hand-set. The exact same rule applies to each of those rocks on the dial, including the diamond hour markers as well as the diamond-set Arabic numeral hour markers. I find it interesting that despite the Pearlmaster nature of this collection, the dials only read “Oyster Perpetual Datejust” on them. The dials feature colours like “olive green,” “cognac,” and also “red grape” that match the stone colors on the bezel. Again, the colours themselves may not appeal to everyone (not that they are trying to), but what everyone should appreciate is the technique and the superb use of stone and colours by Rolex.Interestingly enough, for 2015, there are a few 18k yellow gold versions of this Rolex Datejust Pearlmaster 39 in addition to an 18k white gold model, but nothing in 18k Everose gold. I guess Rolex is waiting to supply an Everose gold variation – if it decides to do so at all. It’s important to note that gem-set watches such as this represent the high-end world of Rolex watches, because these timepieces are a few times more costly than most Rolex timepieces which are sold. A lot of the value comes in the complexity of setting the watches with a range of stone colours that nevertheless must live together in harmony.

  • We just looked lately at the new Everose Yachtmaster, and in its Oysterflex bracelet, and one of those observations we made in that story is that one of the things we all love about Rolex, particular tastes notwithstanding, is that the company brings an almost surreal level of perfectionism to what they do. We believe that’s true of this Pearlmasters as well. As we all know from Ben’s comprehensive story inside most of the Rolex manufactories, not just does Rolex possess its foundry for making (for example) the golden alloys it uses, it also has its own in-house gemstone evaluating and sorting section and it attracts to its function with precious stones exactly the same level of focused perfectionism that it does something like designing and refining movements — that again, as we understand from Ben’s narrative, is accomplished by Rolex at a steady incremental manner that mostly moves unnoticed by Rolex clients but which nonetheless is an essential part of the company’s way of accomplishing things.It’s exactly the same, we think, with the Pearlmasters. It is easy for most serious Rolex enthusiasts to discount gem-set Rolexes just as a matter of principle. But in person, these watches climbed on us a lot. The level of attention to detail that went into their creation — such as that devoted to the gem selection, cutting, shaping and placing — will very likely go right over the minds of a good deal of the people who end up buying these, but we expect it doesn’t entirely, since we mentioned of the Everose Yachtmaster, this is a very Rolex approach to luxury: the compelling of specialized perfectionism to the point that it turns into a luxury in itself.

  • Today we’re looking at the 100% mill Rolex Datejust Pearlmaster Gebraucht Replica Lady-Datejust, reference number 80298 using the triple row diamond Pearlmaster bracelet. The original MSRP was $81,050 but as of May 2015, you would have the ability to find this Rolex with these attributes from a trustworthy pre-owned watch retailer at about $45,000. Made of 18ct yellow gold, the Pearlmaster is 29mm in size, therefore 3mm more than the timeless Lady-Datejust. The 32-diamond bezel is especially my favorite on the Pearlmaster versions in comparison to the 12-diamond because since you are already spending so much for this, you may also include that extra few thousand bucks and get the complete experience.The mother-of-pearl diamond dial is flawless, as the ideal amount of colour comes through at several angles but remains subtle and easy to read. Each mother-of-pearl dial that Rolex manufactures is unique like a snowflake: no 2 dials are the exact same. It’s one of my preferred dials to select from and absolutely worth the additional price, should you just happen to be deciding between them.What makes this Pearlmaster truly unique is the triple strand pearl necklace. It is sort of rare to see, although I am not certain how many were fabricated. There’s a double row diamond bracelet as well, which is still currently available for purchase from Rolex. But in my 13 years of being about this market, it’s the first time that I’ve managed to discuss and wear one in person.

  • Allow me to clarify that these inserts aren’t something you can see, but are somewhat hidden within the construction of the bracelet. The objective of the ceramic inserts is to protect against any gold “extending” that can sometimes happen over long spans of time where due to the softness of the alloy, the links slowly deform. The ceramic inserts also protect the links from wearing over time as they fold over a single another.Having visited Rolex and seeing their creation as well as product testing, that this new attribute feels like a very logical outcome of the regular durability tests. Rolex is possibly the only watch brand I am acquainted with who I have seen anxiety test their watches by artificially mimicking years of wear. Robots wear watches and move around to simulate extended periods of wear. Rolex then carefully studies the results of those tests to see where weakness exists and to ascertain how best to increase their products. I suspect that the inclusion of this ceramic inserts into the hyperlinks is a direct result of such testing and policies at the company.At 39mm wide, the new larger Rolex Datejust Pearlmaster 39 instance loses the “Lady” designation and now feels like something that men would feel comfortable wearing. There will be plenty of individuals on this post complaining that no person should be seen wearing this timepiece, and I won’t argue with them, as that is a matter of preference. These would not be my first option of stone-decorated Rolex watch, but the bold colors and beautiful detailing just got me curious about wearing them.Those models that have stone-decorated bezels with color gradients are uniquely fascinating to behold and require considerable gemological effort in house at Rolex’s gem-setting department.

  • Making their way on the scene in Baselworld 2015, the new ladies Rolex Datejust Pearlmaster Gebraucht Replica Datejust Pearlmasters are crafted in 18k white or yellow gold, and are created at Rolex’s own foundry. On the dials — from red grape, olive oil, and cognac — diamond-set hour markers including a diamond-set 6 and 9 glow bright, while for those looking for even more sparkle, Rolex is providing versions of this Datejust Pearlmaster 39 using full diamond pavé dials and diamond set bracelets. The newest models are introduced on a good gold Pearlmaster bracelet with curved solid links.The rainbow stone and colour dials of the Datejust Pearlmaster 39 are housed on a good gold Oyster case, waterproof to 330 feet, which is made possible by its own watertight caseback and screwed down winding crown equipped with the Twinlock dual waterproofness system. Protected by scratchproof sapphire crystal, the dial also boasts Rolex’s feature Cyclops lens in 3 o’clock for optimal legibility of the date. The technical experience invested into the Oyster instance of this timepiece means it can safely accompany wearers on beachside adventures and tropical getaways.

  • Rolex selects only the highest quality diamonds. The diamonds, especially of the size, are so lively. 270 diamonds have been meticulously set from the bracelet in three rows. Bringing the whole watch collectively is the hidden folding crownclasp. This is the point where the grip is hidden from view and it creates a smooth, tasteful line into the watch as it wraps round your wrist.For somewhat more of a technical approach, check out the Model Spotlight with this 80298. Wearing it on the wrist: it is definitely heavier than the other Pearlmasters but not too much that it’s bothersome; I would state the equivalent of wearing a Rolex Day-Date President 18238. The weight distribution really simulates a very sturdy sense, but then again I enjoy that sort of burden on my wrist when it comes to the watch I am wearing.For my personal preference, 29mm is the perfect size. It’s not petite like the 26mm Lady-Datejust but it is still quite feminine. I wouldn’t always use this everyday but would lean more towards date nights, particular black tie occasions. But no matter where you’d choose to wear this Rolex will definitely be the talk of the space. It is not the rental bit gaudy but just the ideal equilibrium of over-the-top elegance.For 2015, Rolex added a new member to the Pearlmaster watch household together with all the Rolex Datejust Pearlmaster 39 – debuted here in a selection of interesting stone-decorated varieties. This is exactly the sort of watch which allows Rolex to both make its merit among certain audiences and, at precisely the same time, annoy fans of this brand mostly interested in their classic game watches.

  • Though the Rolex Pearlmaster is generally considered a woman’s watch (often referred to as the “Lady-Datejust Pearlmaster” in smaller case sizes), this new 39mm-wide model does have a distinct feminine touch, but is also something that I know for a fact will appeal to male clients in a variety of areas of the world. Because of this, I feel more than comfortable putting on what is basically a lady’s watch which is, for at least some clients, good enough to get a guy. Of course, this is an intriguing phenomenon, since most lady’s watches are in reality smaller versions of men’s watches, and the reverse is quite uncommon.As far as I know, every Rolex Datejust Pearlmaster watch has some kind of valuable stone decoration (at least, that I have seen). The collection appears to have begun as a “formal” or decorative version of this Rolex Lady-Datejust. The Rolex Datejust Pearlmaster watch collection starts with a petite 29mm-wide edition, which goes up to 34mm wide, and now, 39mm wide. Each of these shares a special type of bracelet that’s decidedly more “jewelry-like” compared to most other Rolex bracelets. Rolex simply requires this five-link necklace the “Pearlmaster,” and it has a very smooth and pleasing feel when moving the hyperlinks in addition to wearing it.The 2015 Rolex Oyster Perpetual Datejust Pearlmaster 39 watch set includes a lot of similarities to another new-for-2015 Rolex launch. Both the Rolex Datejust Pearlmaster 39 and the brand new Rolex Day-Date 40 watches (hands-on here) share the simple fact that they are the primary watches to include ceramic inserts from the gold bracelets (more about that in a moment), as well as the 3235 household of movements.

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    Basic Info

    Brand Rolex
    Model Lady-Datejust Pearlmaster
    Ref. No. 80318
    Chrono24-ID 4qgxt7
    Code 469668
    Movement Automatic
    Case material Yellow gold
    Bracelet material Yellow Gold
    Year 2002
    Condition 1 (mint)
      With box
    Gender Ladies’ watch
    Location United States of America, Florida, 33431
    Price $13,500
    Availability Available now


    Movement Automatic


    Case material Yellow gold
    Dial numerals Roman numerals


    Bracelet material Yellow Gold
    Bracelet color Gold

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    Near mint preowned ladies Rolex Pearlmaster in solid 18k yellow gold with original 12 diamond bezel. Rose roman dial. 18 yellow gold Pearlmaster bracelet.
    K serial number(2002). Comes with its Rolex box as shown.